February 1, 2023

Baby Caroline | Palm Beach Gardens Newborn Photographer

Baby Caroline entered the world with style. She had multiple outfit/swaddle changes and who could blame her. From her adorable fancy pink dress to her matching swaddle from Mild Maid Goods, this girl could be on the cover of baby Vogue.

Mom and brothers gladly joined in with matching her. They all sported the Aiden print from Milk Maid Goods. I’m officially obsessed with mommy and me outfits at sessions. Should I start making this a requirement at newborn shoots? I’ll leave that up to Y’all, but I will not oppose it. Scroll down and you’ll see why.

Milk Maid Goods

Photographing 2.5 and 3.5 year old boys with their newborn sister is never a dull moment! But I absolutely love how we captured their fun little personalities whether they smiled at the camera or not. This is why I adore lifestyle sessions. These types of shoots capture real life, and what’s not to love about that?

baby swaddled in wicker basket

newborn toes

newborn wrapped in pink bow with monogram

newborn being held by mom and dad

family taking photos with newborn

boys in matching pajamas

kids jumping on bed while mom holds baby

matching family pajamas posh peanut

mom with baby cuddled to her face

mom sitting on chaise near window holding newborn

family sitting on sofa taking photos with newborn

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