January 27, 2023

Baby Gabriel

Smiles and a happy dance: that was me when I got the message that Rose and Erik were having another little one. They keep the gender of their babies a surprise until delivery. In my opinion, this takes a very patient person(s). That was never my story, but I love when other folks have the will power to do so! Well, this time around it was a boy! Now they have one of each! And big sis Valerie is pretty excited about the whole thing. She has her very own live baby doll.

I went to the van Rooyen home for their lifestyle newborn shoot. I love the natural vibe of these types of sessions. Photographing in one’s home allows the flexibility of ‘going with the flow.’ If an older sibling needs to lay down for a nap, we can do the family portion first. Also, I love the documentary vibe that lifestyle shoots offer. I simply capture what’s happening in the moment. So when Dad read Valerie a book, we stopped to document that sweet little moment. If this is your type of vibe too, let’s chat! I’d love to go over all the fun details with you!

big sister cuddles with baby

baby in rattan basket

tender photo with mother and newborn

lifestyle newborn photography

toddler photo bombs newborn photos

the vanrooyen family

mom and dad holding newborn

mom and dad playing with toddler and newborn

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