January 26, 2023

Warembourg Family

When your photographer friend asks for a family session, you jump at the idea. The Warembourg family has been in my life for a few years now. I started with an in home session of their oldest when he was a few weeks old. Now they have added another little cupcake to the mix. Steph chose Dubois for their family photos. Why? Let the photos speak for themselves. But I will add, that Dubois has a pretty diverse landscape. It’s on the inlet which means you get a dreamy backdrop with rocks if you choose, the picturesque lagoon, or even quite a few green spaces. But my favorite view is over the bridge looking back on the little lagoon. It is elevated on a sand dune and I love that effect. Such a luscious and ‘oh so South Florida’ vibe.

mom exploring the beach with son

little boy on wooden fence

sunset photos dubois park

dad with sons photo shoot

little boy exploring dubois park

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