January 10, 2020

How To Make Sure Your Images Are Safe | Kimberly Smith Photography

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Back.. Back.. BACK IT UP!
When you hear this song, does it have you worried about your photos that aren’t backed up? 
Funny how Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins can get me thinking about photo storage… But hey… I’m a bit of a krazy photo mom! Y’all know this! 
Let me tell you how I sleep easier at night, Mama’s!
I back my photos up!
Here’s how:
2 cloud services set to auto save ( icloud and Google Photos)
and 2 external hard drives.
I want at least two cloud services because I don’t trust the internet for just one coverage. You can look into whatever works for you. I like Google Photos. But also look into Amazon Photos. There are others. Just choose what you like best. In the settings of Google Photos you can set your images to an automatic backup! Find out how to do it, and you can forget about it! I have my phone set to auto back up for iCloud also. 
If you simply have your cell phone images backed up on your computer, that’s not enough. Your computer will crash at some point. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ it’s ‘when.’ You don’t want to deal with the heart ache of losing your images because of this. 
I have two external hard drives that I back my personal images up to. I used to do 3, but it just got to be to much for me. I also used to store one of them off site ( like at a relatives house) Because I told you, I’m crazy! Lol I was terrified of fire or something destroying my images. 
The biggest thing is keeping up with the manual backups to my external hard drives. This is best done by setting a date on the calendar EVERY month!

  1. Does it also include all of my files including music, pictures etc.. or does it only include the system’s OS and settings?

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