December 16, 2019

How To Take Better Photos With Your Phone


Getting professional photos of your family done once or a few times a year is super important. You want high quality images where everyone is together, and smiling happily at the camera. Orrrr at least pretending to be happy! HA! You get my point!
BUT Ladies, what about the times when your fave photog isn’t around? Most of us can’t afford to have a live in pro photographer to take candid photos of our kids! 
This week I’ll be laying out some of my favorite tips for taking better images on your iphone (we’ll just say iPhone here… I can’t keep up with all the different phones, but all rules apply). I think it’s super important to not discredit your iphone and the the magic you can create when you know how to leverage the best light….
SPEAKING of light.. That’s what it’s allllll about Momma’s! Yep! I even pay attention to the light when I’m taking photos with my phone! 
So let’s talk about one of my FAVORITE lighting scenarios: Window light!!! Ahhhh! It’s glorious, and if you’ve ever taken pro photos with me indoors and you wonder why I’m getting you cozied up to the window…. Well, Dolls, it’s because of that heavenly light sifting through! There is a softness/intimacy, and I love the way the light vs shadows add to the story you are trying to tell. 
Take a look at the 2 photos in this post. I don’t have great light in my house, but one day Cole and Brooke were playing paramedic on the sofa. I was doing the dishes, and looked up to see them. Not only were they being super duper cute, but I died when I saw the window light playing softly into the scene. Did I grab my fancy camera? Nope, Nada! Grabbed the ole iPhone and started snapping away! 
Let’s stop right here for a sec:
If you’re taking photos by the window (and you have plenty of window light) turn off the lights in the room. Why? Mixed lighting (natural with indoor lighting) can cause an orange effect on your photos, and it kinda takes away from the beauty of the image.
And one more thing… Do you see how the window light is displayed on Brooke’s left side and the shadow is on her right? Do you see how that creates a beautiful dimension to the ‘story’ here?
And lastly… Aren’t my kids SO dang cute??? Haha! 
Ok Mommas! What questions do you have for me? Send me your window light images if you want a critique or you just wanna brag about your damn good photos skills! 
The 2 images were edited on my iPhone using the VSCO App! It’s my fave app for editing my iPhone images!

how to take better photos with your phone

how to take better photos

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