January 29, 2018

How To Stress Less On Your Wedding Day | Jupiter Florida Photographer

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Hello Bride! No doubt you’re counting down the hours until your special day arrives! You’ll soon be marrying your best friend and throwing the most amazing celebration of your lives!

Waking up on your wedding day is the most wonderful feeling in the world! However, there are so many details and moments of the day to consider, and some brides may be left feeling stressed. Don’t let this be you! Enjoy your day down to the last minute instead!

Here are some tips to kick stress out the door, and rock your day!

  1. Know your timeline. Nothing prepares you better than knowing what’s coming next. I love assisting my brides with their timeline especially if they don’t have a wedding planner. Make sure your wedding party and family know when the events of the day will unfold. Know when the flowers, cake artist, DJ, etc. are arriving. If there is a delay, your ‘day of helpers’ will know, and be able to resolve the issue. 
  2. Keep all of your wedding vendor contact information together. If you don’t have a wedding planner, give this list to your maid of honor and a trusted family member. If there is an emergency, they will handle it for you while you focus on getting ready. 
  3. Have all of your details in once place. This is important. The night before, collect your jewelry, shoes, make up, marriage license, perfume, etc; literally everything you will need the next day. You don’t want to be running around the morning of your wedding day trying to find these items.
  4. Take time to relax and reflect. Don’t start the day rushed and hectic. Put your phone down for a few minutes, and find a quiet space. What do you enjoy doing that calms you? Are you into yoga, meditation, scripture reading? Do that! Then sit quietly and reflect on the significance of the day. 
  5. Write a letter to your soon-to-be husband. This will help bring you back to the true meaning of the day. The details, although important, cannot overshadow what this day is all about.

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