April 24, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Freeman | Willoughby Country Club Wedding | South Florida Wedding Photographer

I met Shane and Diane at a coffee shop for the first time to chat about their wedding. Two things were so obvious right from the start: their love for each other and love for their little girls. The conversation was easy with them, almost like I’d met them before and we were just catching up. They are some the sweetest most kind- hearted individuals I’ve had the honor of serving. 

There day was nothing short of a dream as they said their vows with their sweet little girls nearby. It was perfect, and they are so deserving! Thank you both, and congrats again, Mr. + Mrs. Freeman!!

A special moment, for sure, when Diane’s little girls arrived to get ready with their Momma. The look on her face and the kisses and hugs that followed: Priceless!

Mama getting ready 

Baby girl getting ready. I love that Shane and Diane’s girls will be able to look back on their parent’s wedding photos one day. How special that they were there. 

Diane’s dad came walking out JUST as we were done with bridesmaid photos. It was perfect timing, and so touching to see his precious reaction. 

More gorgeous artistry from Sarandipity Floral

One of my favorite moments from the ceremony. Their little girl wanted in on the vows. How cute is she?