April 20, 2016

Sara + Justin | Worth Avenue Engagement | Palm Beach Island

Sara and Justin’s Worth Avenue engagement session was so much fun! We had arranged our session for another day, but the weather spoiled our plans, forcing us to reschedule. It worked out for the better though, because the weather was perfect on the day of their engagement session!  I love the sun kissed photos below, that showcase what a gorgeous day it was. 

A mutual friend set Sara and Justin up. At first they weren’t sold on the idea, but they agreed to meet…. And I think you can see how it turned out 🙂 🙂 They have an amazing love story, and a bond that is stronger than any couple I have met. I had the best time with them. You know how you just feel good after you hang out with certain people? That’s how they are, always a smile on their face.  I especially loved seeing photos of their sweet baby, Rookie, a yellow lab puppy that they recently added to their family. He has the sweetest lil expressions, and Sara and Justin were beaming when they spoke of him. They are proud parents, and they should be! 

Sara and Justin chose Palm Beach Island for their session. They loved the gorgeous architecture and the pretty villas that Worth Avenue has to offer. I love this location also. It happens to be one of my faves. It’s the perfect backdrop for romantic photos. We strolled down the palm tree lined streets until we reached the end of Worth Avenue, and ended the session on the beach. 

Thank you Sara & Justin!!! I am SO happy I met you two, and can’t wait for your wedding!!!! xo